Matthew Schroeder Dixie ABATE's State Director To find out more info on Matthew go the bio page



McCain Traffic Systems -     – Traffic signals, controllers, ped signals 
Leotek Electronics - -                           LED inserts for traffic and pedestrian signals.  Luminaires
Eltec -       –                            School Time Clocks, solar power beacon flashers, RRFB systems
Traficon/Traficam - -                    Video detection
Power & Tel - -                          Cable, buckles, strandvise and strandlink
SECO So. - -                                  Traffic signal hardware, flasher cabinets and school flashing beacons
Pelco Products -                               Traffic signal hardware, pedestal poles and bases
Engineered Castings -                               Illuminated street name signs and traffic signal hardware
3M/BONDO -                                             Vehicle loop sealant
BOSCH - -   Security and Video detection camaras
Campbell Co. -                                  Pedestrian pushbutton assemblies
Comnet -                                      Ethernet switches
Component Products - - Pedestal poles and bases
Pelco Cameras -                                     Security and video detection cameras
Traffic Sensor Corp. -                           Flashers, loadswitches and relays
Traffic Systems LLC -              Sonem Emergency Pre-emption
Nova Tech LLC -                   LED Strobe Lights 

Tesco Controls – – Uninterrupted Power Supply (Battery Back Up Systems)